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Put down the clipboard, and pick up an iPad.





Be more professional in the eyes of your customer.

Revolutionizing the Pool Service Industry

Our apps bring order to the complex process of managing a pool service business. This is the easiest, most powerful software ever created for the pool service industry.

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Who benefits from FeatherServe?


can use our website to easily manage schedules, track employee progress in real-time, view organized service-records, and give specific instructions for each appointment. No downloads required; just login from any computer.


will use our app to receive directions to every pool, instructions for every appointment, and assistance with chemical-calculations. It is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and it is remarkably intuitive.


will receive detailed service-summaries in their inbox before your employee leaves their pool. That's professionalism worthy of the 21st century, and your logo will be all over it.


Feather Serve

$ 30 /month

Unlimited Employees

Unlimited Customers

Unlimited Appointments

Unlimited Service Records

Fantastic Support

30 days Free


One Price Fits All

You don't have to go through our sales team to start using FeatherServe. We don't generate custom quotes, and we don't discriminate based on company size. We don't charge extra for additional features. This keeps things simple and fair for everybody.

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Chemical Calculations

It's hot outside, which doesn't make this any easier:

(pool volume) * (target level - current level) * chemical multiplier * units multiplier

With our app, all your employee has to do is move a slider to match the current reading. This elegant solution saves time and prevents mistakes.

Automatic Record-Keeping

Which employee visited that customer last week? What exactly did he/she do at the customer's pool? Are you sure they were really there at that time? What was the cyanuric acid reading?

All of these questions can be answered and verified instantly; the employee's app automatically syncs all service-information with GPS location and time information to prove Who, What, Where, and When.

Safe Information

All communications are encrypted. If your computer breaks, just login from another one. Your employees can use any iPad or iPhone. No data is ever lost, and you never have to push "Save." Welcome to 2016.