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Our App Rocks

Sat, 08 Jun.| 2013

Your employees will love using our app. It combines rich functionality with a strikingly simple, clean interface. It doesn’t just look better than any similar software; it feels better as it responds to touches and gestures in an intuitive manner. As soon as your employees login, they will see their appointments for that day, and from there they simply touch appointments to get started. But, it doesn’t stop there.

What if they wish to see an appointment from yesterday or tomorrow? What if they make a trip to the pool supply store to purchase supplies for the upcoming week; how do they know what to buy? With our new sliding-menu, we have answered all of these questions without adding ANY complexity to the app. In other words, those features are there if you want them, but they do not clutter up the screen with extra buttons and confuse employees.

I could go into a very detailed description of how all this works, but we would rather you (and your employees) see it for yourself. You don’t have to enter any payment information to start the 2-week trial; so what are you waiting for? Make an account, create an appointment, assign it to an employee, and let them see for themselves. It’s easier than any software you’ve ever used; that’s why it’s called Feather Serve! Download the app here.

John Gazzini
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