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Chemical Trends

Mon, 05 May.| 2014

Our mission is, and always will be, to introduce a higher level of professionalism into the service industry. The first step in our process was to create a set of simple, powerful software that technicians actually use. This was easier said than done, and it's never really "done." However, now that technicians all over the country are using the FeatherServe app on a daily basis, our customers (you) have a lot of historical data saved in FeatherServe.

The entire technology industry is moving towards "big data," "business analytics," and "smarter" solutions. These graphs do indicate a move in that direction, but we still value simplicity more than complexity. There is no sense in attaching percentages and analytics and graphs to a software application if your technicians can't figure out how to use the app.

So, our first step here is to provide you with a cool way to visualize your own data. This only scratches the surface of what's possible. Hopefully, this will spark your imagination, and you will think of meaningful statistics that would actually help simplify your job. When you do, please don't hesitate to let us know at


John Gazzini
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