1) Account Setup

The first step is to create a company account. You don't have to enter any payment information to start the 2-week trial.

2) Create an Appointment

Create a Service Type, a Route, a Customer, a Pool, and an Appointment!

3) Use the App

You and your technicians can complete appointments using the iPhone or iPad app!

4) View Completed Appointments

View all of the appointment data, including chemical readings, treatments, services performed, comments, and the GPS coordinates from the iPhone or iPad when the appointment was completed.

5) Add Technicians

Create basic accounts for all of your employees so they can login using the iPhone and iPad app.

6) Recurring Appointments

Create a Service Plan for each pool and select which service types are performed on different days of the week, and which routes the appointments should appear on.

7) Email Template

Customize the automatic service summaries that are emailed to your customers whenever a technician completes an appointment. These can include an employee picture, a company logo, and even appointment data.

8) App Menus

See how the Summaries and Schedule section of the iPhone and iPad app can be used by you and your technicians.

9) Advanced Features

Chemical graphs. Import customers using spreadsheets. View company and employee reports. This video demonstrates the more complex features of FeatherServe.